Scrip Succe$$ Tuition Credits

John Paul II Catholic School participates in the Scrip Succe$$ program.  Pre-paid cards are purchased from many national and local vendors at a discounted price.  Customers pay full value for the pre-paid card.  In efforts to keep tuition costs as low as possible, each John Paul II Catholic School family is required to earn $100 credit using the Scrip program.  The $100 credit will go directly to the school.  Once the $100 credit is earned, all future purchases will continue to be split between the school and family 50/50.

  • Tuition credits are applied to family FACTS Management accounts December 1 and May 1 of each year.
  • Future families may create a Scrip account and begin to save money for future tuition.
  • Scrip credits can be applied toward all tuition/child care costs.
  • Family members are encouraged to use the program to assist parents with tuition costs.  Customers indicate the particular school family they would like their profits to be credited toward at the time of purchase.
  • The Scrip office keeps an inventory of the most popular cards at all times.
  • The Scrip Succe$$ office is located in the lobby of John Paul II Catholic School.


Scrip Order Form

Volunteer Scrip Office Manager:  Mrs. Amber Dossett

Visit for more participating businesses.

Please call the school office if you have any further questions!