Tuition Assistance

All Catholic families who wish for their children to attend Catholic school can apply for tuition subsidy. Catholic families who actively participate in their home Catholic Church should make an appointment with their priest to discuss tuition subsidy assistance.  Each church has a policy and requirements.

John Paul II Catholic School participates in the Scrip Succe$$ Program.  In an effort to keep tuition costs as low as possible, each family will be required to earn $100 in Scrip credit using the Scrip Succe$$ program.  The $100 credit will go directly to the school.  Once the $100 credit has been earned, all future purchases will continue to be split with the family 50/50.   Credits will be applied on May 1 and December 1.  Families may choose to opt out of the Scrip program by paying the $100 balance before April 1, directly to the school.

Please visit Scrip Succe$$ Tuition Credit tab/page for more information.