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Mission Statement & Philosophy

“Be it known to all who enter that Christ is the reason for this school.”



John Paul II Catholic School is forming disciples of Christ through the teaching of the Catholic faith while providing academic excellence and preparing students to become responsible members of family, church, and community.

Philosophy of John Paul II Catholic School


We believe that each student is a unique individual created by God and destined for a life with Him. We believe that parents and guardians are the primary teacher of children and, therefore, should actively be involved in the educational progress of children. We believe that all children can learn and by guiding the development of the student, we can help each student fulfill a commitment to Jesus Christ.



John Paul II Catholic School is a school with students from all six Union County Catholic parishes: St. Ann,St. Agnes, St. Peter, St. Ambrose, Sacred Heart, and St. Francis Borgia. Each parish has representation on the school council as well as one non-Catholic member. The school observes the Laws of the Roman Catholic Church, state laws pertaining to non-public schools, and the rules and regulations of the Diocese of Owensboro Catholic Schools Office. These rules and regulations can be found in the Diocesan Handbook for Catholic Schools and are approved by the Diocesan Committee for Total Catholic Education.